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The Academy - Learn to Swim 'Competitively'

Join us in building the future of Competitive swimming!

Our aims

Here at Sutton and Cheam Academy we help young swimmers develop their skill of swimming in the hope they enjoy it and proceed to join our competitive programme.

We provide fun and engaging sessions where the kids are able to get the best out of themselves whilst enjoying swimming at the same time.

What do we offer

Sutton and Cheam's Academy teaching programme follows a structured progression from beginner to pre-competition through skill and fitness development. We run Sessions at Sutton High school for girls from Monday to Friday.

18:00 - 18:30

Bronze 1 - This group focuses on swimming up to 7m with confidence as well as learning the basic technique for all four strokes. This session includes contrast activities where they build upon their confidence through a range of skills such as: forward rolls, jumps into the water, dives and submersions.

Bronze 2 - This group has the confidence to swim in the deep end and focuses on building good technique over a longer distance of 18m. Their skills will be challenged as we look to improve their basic knowledge. We also try to increase range of motion through dives and forward rolls.

Silver 1 - This group tests a swimmer'ss ability across the whole length of the pool - although we take our time we ensure it is quality over quantity. Their technique is improved to help them across the length, we also look to improve their dives into the water as well as introduce them into tumble turns.

18:30 - 19:10

Silver 2 - From Silver 1 to silver 2 is a slight jump in the distance they swim. We work their distance a little more ensuring good technique is displayed over a number of lengths by training their stamina. We are also developing their ability to dive into the water confidently up to racing standards as well as building their confidence to tumble turn.

Gold 1 - in this class, the swimmers will be doing more lengths whilst being introduced to 'squad type sessions'. They will also learn how to read a clock for rest as well as understanding a set. We are still refining technique and making minor adjustments. Here we are also perfecting dives and tumble turns - ensuring swimmers are confident in doing them.

Gold 2 - Our gold 2 group are now training all their strokes in a 'squad like' training session with sets. We are refining their ability but now focusing on being fast whilst showing good technique that has been practised. Swimmers would be doing tumble turns at every possible moment and practising dives for events, should they progress into our competitive programme.

Joining the Academy

If you're interested in joining the academy, you are invited to attend a free water trial. Trials are normally held on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. We host trials both in the first session or the second session depending on the ability of the swimmer. If you would like to book an assessment, please email the swimmer's name, age and the swimmer's ability to to arrange a suitable time.

To join the academy, swimmers must first be able to swim a minimum of 5m recognised front crawl and backstroke unaided and have an understanding of breaststroke kick. They should also have a keen interest in taking their swimming further.

Attending the Assessment

When you have booked, please come along as arranged with a swimming costume, goggles and a towel and we will assess the swimmer's ability. During the trial, swimmers will be asked to swim some of the following strokes:

Front crawl
Butterfly (basic only)

After the assessment, accepted swimmers will be placed in the appropriate training group for their ability and development.

Applicants are then required to return a completed application form to the club.

Once accepted, membership and training fees will become due. These fees will depend on the squad and number of swims per week selected.

Demand for places is high and so we do have waiting lists for specific groups and days. Places are offered on a first come, first served basis as they become available.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our club!


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